Versace DAMAC
This was a pitch I worked on two years ago, haven't uploaded up until now but thought it would look good on the portfolio site.
We were pitching to do the presentations of the new Luxury Versace DAMAC appartments at John Lewis I believe it was, I was entrusted with creating a couple of visual stings to help our presentation.
Ultimately we lost out to a far bigger agency who threw more money at it, but our pitch was pretty solid for the amount of time we invested in it.
The Coin
The Coin -
This was meant to be the centerpiece of the presentation where we would fill a big glass tank down the middle of the store with these couins which I designed.
The Sting
The Sting -
Showing the luxury aspect of the brand forming from various jewels and so forth.
All Animation and Sound Design done by myself. 
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